How to recover deleted files from NAS?

If the NAS device is not physically damaged and you've just accidentally deleted some important files, you can try to recover them yourself using special software like ReclaiMe File Recovery. In case of deleted data you don't even need to remove the disks from the NAS device. ReclaiMe File Recovery software can connect to the device over the network and run a scan directly on the NAS volume. Although, you do not need to expect high recovery speed.

So, to recover deleted NAS data you should:

  1. Download and install ReclaiMe NAS Recovery software.
  2. Run the software and wait till it displays the list of all the available NASes.
  3. ReclaiMe NAS Recovery displays the list of available NAS devices
  4. Choose your NAS and double click it or click the Connect button.
  5. Provide your NAS device login and password. If connection failed, check whether the SSH protocol on a port 22 is available, refer here for the details.
  6. Once ReclaiMe connects successfully to the NAS, it displays the list of available NAS volumes. Choose the one you need and click the Start button.
  7. When the message that the initial scan completed shows up, check the recovered files in the Preview window and decide whether to save the recovered data or not.

More information about NAS data recovery without pulling the disks out you can read on this page.

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