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"Keep ReclaiMe close by. Very handy in uncertain times like these."
"I've never heard of this program and was just looking at their site, definitely something to have on hand, thank you!"

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"So i gave up on r studio and bought the software from reclaime. This actually gave me previews and I have succesfully recoverd my files !!!"

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"The program I found that worked great for me is ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate (I used build 3535). It found all my files (slowly finding them one at a time) after about 5 hours of scanning, which was only 2.35% of a full scan, but there was no need to let the scan finish."

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"Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I ended up paying the $80 for a program called ReclaiMe
that recovered all of my files (only took a few hours) and dumped to an external hard drive (only another 14 hours)."

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"I use ReclaiMe recovery software. This has been sucessful for me on Readynas V1, V2 and OS6 (btrfs) systems for data recovery
Selected/mounted my 4 disk images and click start."

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"This was the only software I found anywhere that could recover data from a Storage Space (built into Windows 8).
I had 15tb of data that was set up in parity (so I thought I was ok!) but one day windows decided that it no longer wanted to see it as a drive and I lost everything! This software truly was a lifesaver bringing everything back."

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"...I ended up using a product called ReclaiMe File Recovery. I would recommend ReclaiMe software to anyone who needs to recover deleted files as it worked great for me. I would also add that you can download the software and try it before you buy. Very user friendly and almost hands free operation."

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"I found the program ReclaiMe which worked amazingly well. There is a freeware program that this company offers that is able to analyze the Raid parameters. Then you can either run their recovery software ReclaiMe to recover the data, create an XML file for other recovery software to use. I finally used the ReclaiMe recovery software and was able to pull virtually everything and anything I wanted off the damaged Raid 0 without a single corrupted file. I was most pleased! "

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"...got the data back by running a program called ReclaiME. cost me some $$, but it was worth it."

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I just found my new favourite recovery tool. After trying the trial i took the plunge a bought a license. Why i am using this tool? Ease of use, gives me less corrupt files then other tools. And the filenames and pathnames remain intact most of the time."

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"In our repeated test and actual real-life use case, we can describe this software as a Bort gem. While Bort itself falls in the Diamond gem family, it is not highly regarded by the mass due to its ununiformed crystallisation and darker outlook, however, due to its close-to-diamond hardness, you can find Bort on most of the industrial drill bits and saw."

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"Offered by ReclaiMe this multi-purpose data recovery tool is crafted with simplicity and ease of use. Anyone can use this seamlessly and recover files from most of the file systems. This means you don’t have to worry about not being able to recover data from NAS, RAID, and other storage devices when lost. "

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"ReclaiMe beats each and every one of these with regards to recovery results and ease of use. And then I haven’t even touched a subject like data recovery from NAS devices, something that the majority of popular tools isn’t even capable of."

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Martin Brinkmann: "Raid Recovery is a free nice to have program that can be used to repair common raid failures."

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