How to recover deleted files from a NAS drive

If your NAS device like QNAP, Synology, Asustor, Buffalo, Netgear or other is not broken and functioning normally, and all you need is to recover accidentally deleted data, then you can try our ReclaiMe NAS Recovery, which can recover data directly from the NAS device, without shutting down and disconnecting drives, as required by a full-scale NAS recovery in case of failure.

  1. Download and install ReclaiMe NAS Recovery.
  2. Launch the software and wait till it lists all NAS devices available on the internal network.
  3. ReclaiMe NAS Recovery displays the list of available NAS devices
  4. Select the NAS device you want to recover deleted data from and click Connect.
  5. Enter the login and password that you set when configuring the device and that you use to log into the NAS control panel through the web interface. The login is usually just administrator. If the connection fails for some reason, check that your NAS is allowed to connect via SSH protocol on port 22. Refer here for more infomation.
  6. Enter the NAS credentials
  7. Once the software connects to the NAS device, it will display the volumes available for scanning. Usually there is only one volume with user data. Start data recovery on the NAS volume - just select the volume and click Start.
  8. Start NAS recovery in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery software
  9. Wait for ReclaiMe NAS Recovery to display a message that the initial scan is complete and check those folders and files that it considers deleted. Note that it is not always possible to retrieve deleted data in the places where it was after the initial scan.
    Initial NAS reocovery scan complete in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery
    If you cannot locate the deleted data in the folder tree, try to find it by searching (click magnifying glass at the bottom): set the search criteria for the Name: Ino*, Search for: normal and deleted files and folders.
    Set search criteria in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery
    Just as often, a full scan improves the quality of deleted data recovery; however, reading data from the NAS through the SSH port is much slower than removing the drives and connecting them directly to the PC, as described here.
  10. Estimate the quality of deleted data recovery from NAS using the preview function. If everything is OK, activate the software and save the data you need.
  11. Check recovered NAS data in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery

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