ReclaiMe NAS Recovery - problem with NAS selection

Check SSH port

To recover data from a NAS, ReclaiMe NAS Recovery uses SSH connection via port 22 to communicate with a NAS device. Often, NASes uses port 22 for the SSH connection; however, the possibility to connect to a NAS via SSH may be disabled on your NAS device or it may use another port number (not 22). In this case, you see no NASes in the list of devices in ReclaiMe like on the screenshot below.

No NASes in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery

To see NAS devices in ReclaiMe NAS Recovery you need to make SSH connection enabled via port 22 and SFTP in your NAS device.

To check which port your NAS uses for the SSH and enable this type of connection please refer to your particular NAS manual:

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