Hard drive repair

Often users ask something like this: it seems that my disk is damaged; what should I do; very important data is stored on the drive. How can I recover the data? In this case the most important and first thing you need to do is to determine the cause of the damage – is it a physical or a logical problem.

Physical disk damage

You can indetify that the disk is physical damaged if you hear it is making unusual sounds or you dropped the disk and now it doesn't work. In all these case the recommendation is the same: immediately unplug the disk from a PC and do nothing else with it. Don't try to disassemble or open it. In this case only a special data recovery service can help you repair your disk and then restore your data. One of reliable labs with qualified data recovery technicians having necessary skills and expensive equipment is SalvageData company.

Logical disk damage

If you are not quite sure whether your disk is physically damaged or not because you know for sure it didn't fall, worked fine recently, but now Windows doesn't provide an access to the data stored on it, you can try to restore your files using the DIY data recovery approach. First check if your disk is shown in Disk Management. To do this open the Disk Management utility, press WinKey + R on the keyboard, type diskmgmt.msc and then press Enter. If you do not see the disk listed, try to change cables and connection slots. If it does not help, unfortunately, no DIY option is possible and you need to contact a data recovery lab.

If the disk is shown with RAW or Uninitialized mark, you can try to recover data using special data recovery software.

How to recover data from the drive with ReclaiMe

  1. Download and install ReclaiMe File Recovery on the PC.
  2. Identify the disk you want to recover your data from in the device list ReclaiMe displayed. Select it and click Start.
  3. How to recover data from damaged drive
  4. Wait till you get the message that the Initial scan is completed.
  5. As soon as you get the message you can start checking your recovered files.
  6. If files look good in the Preview window and the total recovered data size is about the data size stored on the disk originally, you don't need to continue scanning. Just purchase a license key and copy all the data.
  7. damaged drive recovery
  8. If you do not see some of your data press Resume to continue the deep scan.

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