RAW drive recovery

Often on the web, especially on the technical forums, you can read posts of concerned users, such as:

«My hard drive is now a RAW file system and says it needs to be formatted…Any other ways to fix this?»
«External hard drive Samsung became raw… want to know if there is any way i can recover my files?
«One of my hard drive type became raw instead of NTFS file system type and it is not opening...what should I do?»

The RAW filesystem issue usually happens on portable devices like external hard drives, USB thumb drives, and memory cards because users rarely use the “safely remove hardware” mode when disconnecting a device.

If you encounter such a RAW drive or RAW partition problem, do not panic, because typically the chances of recovering data from a RAW device are quite high.

How to fix a RAW drive or RAW partition

Unfortunately, it is impossible to fix a RAW drive or a RAW partition without formatting; however, the format procedure erases all your data. That’s why, you should not format the RAW drive if you need the data stored on it – first recover data and only then start formatting.

How to recover data from a RAW drive or RAW partition

  1. Connect your RAW device to a computer (desktop or laptop).
  2. Download ReclaiMe File Recovery, install, and run it.
  3. Select the device with RAW filesystem in the device list of ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  4. RAW filesystem drive in ReclaiMe
  5. Click the Start button and wait till ReclaiMe extracts your data from the RAW drive.
  6. Check the recovery result. If data looks good, proceed with the purchase of the ReclaiMe license.
  7. RAW drive recovery
  8. Copy the recovered data. Use a healthy external drive or an internal drive if there is enough free space on it.

Once you recover data from the RAW drive and copy it to another storage device you can start formatting the RAW device so that to continue using it as before.

All the steps on video

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