How to find a data recovery service

Why you may want to contact a data recovery lab

  • The data recovery service (also called "lab") is the safest option to recover a drive with a mechanical damage. If there is an unusual sound from the hard drive, consider it mechanically bad.
  • Also, it is a good idea to send a device to the lab if the magnitude of the problem is too big. For example, it is difficult to deal with a failed 24 TB RAID in-house just because of its sheer capacity.
  • Last not least, one sends data to the recovery service due to responsibility considerations. If data is irrecoverable, it is the service who says that, not you.

Finding a data recovery service

  1. Ask local IT folks if they have any proven reference. Maybe a service one of them used in the past.
  2. Check the Our partners page for more information.
  3. Open Google and search for a data recovery service, starting with the nearest location. Call them and tell about your situation. Make sure the following points are covered:
    • They actually understood your situation and any constraints thereof.
    • Shipment and turnaround time.
    • "No data - no fee" policy. You do not have to pay if they fail to recover data.
    • Pricing. The data recovery service job is not very cheap. However, there are certain typical cases that would go under a hundred dollars.

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