How much does it cost to recover data from a NAS?

Since NAS is a complex technical device with at least two hard disks, data recovery will be much more expensive than in case of a conventional flash drive, memory card or a single hard drive. If you just deleted data by mistake or you are dealing with a logical failure, such as a file system failure, it is enough to purchase a license key for data recovery software and recover all the data you need.

For example you can choose NAS recovery software like ReclaiMe File Recovery which allows you to restore deleted NAS data without pulling the disks out – the software can connect to the NAS over the network for recovery. The Ultimate license key price is $199.95.

If you deal with file system or drive failure you'll need to pull the disks out of your NAS and connect them to a PC motherboard SATA ports. If there are not enough free SATA ports, you'll have to buy USB-to-SATA adapters. Price for one item is about 20 USD.

If you cannot recover the data using the software or you realize in advance that your case is beyond the scope of the software capability for example there are more damaged disks than the redundancy allows, you need to contact a special data recovery service like SalvageData – one of the most trusted labs. But here prices are different, starting with 300 USD to 1000 USD for simple cases, and 1100 USD – 1900+ USD for severely damaged disks. Total price depends on many factors: number of the disks, malfunction degree, physical damage, attempts to recover the disk in another lab etc.

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