Western Digital data recovery

Western Digital is one of the world's leading hard drive manufacturer, whose data storage devices have earned the recognition of computer users all over the world due to the high performance, wide functionality and reliability. The company specializes in the production of internal and external hard drives, network and solid-state drives.

General failures of WD drives

Physical failures - a disk stops working after a fall and/or produces unusual sounds The best solution is to stop using the drive and send it to a reliable data recovery lab. In case of mechanical failures, any DIY activities may lead to irreversible data loss.

Logical failures - accidental formatting an entire disk, accidental deletion of files, file system failure (RAW filesystem issue), damaged partitions. In all this cases, you can try to recover data using data recovery software like ReclaiMe File Recovery.

Western Digital data recovery using ReclaiMe

ReclaiMe File Recovery software works with:

  • WD My Passport
  • WD My Cloud
  • WD Elements
  • WD Black
  • WD Blue
  • WD Red
  • WD Purple
  • WD Re
  • WD Se
  • WD Ae
  • WD AV
  • WD TV
  1. Connect your WD drive to a PC. In case of an external WD drive like WD My Passport, connect the disk to a PC USB port; for internal WD disks, use either direct connection to a PC motherboard or USB-to-SATA adapter.
  2. Download ReclaiMe File Recovery, install, and run it.
  3. Select a WD disk in the list of available devices and click Start.
  4. Wait 1-5% and estimate the recovery result using the Preview function.
  5. WD drive recovery
  6. If the recovery result is good, consider purchasing ReclaiMe license key to copy the files.

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