Data recovery from Apple devices

ReclaiMe File Recovery is a Windows software, it does not run under Mac OS. However, ReclaiMe is capable of recovering data from Mac OS filesystems like HFS/HFS+, APFS and UFS. To use ReclaiMe for a Mac OS disk recovery you need just to get the disk out of the Mac and connect it to the Windows PC. It is recommended to connect the disk to the motherboard directly but you can also use an external USB enclosure.

Getting the disk out of the Mac computers

The better way to get the disk out of the Mac is to search YouTube for the video instructions. We found the following videos on how to get a hard drive out of some Apple devices:

Mac drive recovery with ReclaiMe File Recovery software

Once you pulled the disk out of the Apple device and connected it to the Windows PC, just follow the instruction below.

  1. Download and run ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  2. Select the hard drive you want to recover in the device list of ReclaiMe. If you connected the disk to the PC via USB then look at the USB devices section of the list. Otherwise, you find the disk under Unmounted volumes.
  3. Double click the disk or just click the Start button to launch the data recovery process.
  4. As soon as ReclaiMe finds data, it places files and folders in the folder named APFS, HFS, HFS Plus or UFS. You can browse the files and preview them to check the quality of the recovered data.
  5. Mac drive recovery
  6. Click the Save button and choose the appropriate option: you can save either a single folder or just all the recovered data. Note that preview is available even in the evaluation version of ReclaiMe while the Save button works only for the activated version. To activate your copy of ReclaiMe data recovery software you need to purchase Ultimate license of ReclaiMe which covers all the aspects of Apple Mac OS data recovery.

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