How to connect a memory card to a computer properly

  1. Get a card reader device (why should I use a card reader?)
    If you are going to buy a card reader then take your memory card with you when going to the store; in the store show the memory card to the staff and ask to find a suitable card reader. We also suggest you ask the staff to insert the memory card in the card reader they offer, because some card readers do not have labels on the slots. Such a device can be bought in the local electronics store at an average cost of $10-20.
  2. Connect the card reader to the computer. To do this, take an USB cable that can be easily recognized by the characteristic connectors. Sometimes, an additional power adapter will be supplied with a card reader device. In this case you need to find the port for the power adapter on the card reader device and then plug it in.
  3. If you have installed the card reader correctly you should see blinking lights on the card reader device.
  4. Remove your memory card from the device (a camera, a mobile phone and the like) and find an appropriate card reader slot. Keep in mind that the card reader may have several slots for the memory cards of various types and physical dimensions.

Connection problems

If you try to connect your mobile phone memory card to the computer you may encounter the following problems:

  • You have a card reader (you have already had one or you have just bought it) but your memory card doesn't fit in any slot of the card reader.
  • There is no an appropriate card reader for the memory card in your local electronics store.

Such problems can be easily solved using adapters. For example, having the appropriate adapter, you can convert the Memory Stick Micro card to the Memory Stick mini "card" for which it's much easier to find the appropriate card reader.

Memory Stick Micro (M2) to Mini adapter

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