Why should one use a card reader device

Six reasons to use a standalone card reader instead of reading the card with a complex device, such as a digital camera:

  1. The read and write speed of a memory card via a card reader is often higher than in the case when a memory card is connected through the device.
  2. Card readers usually work reliably. In case a memory card itself is damaged (there are bad sectors), a card reader typically achieves the better result. This is because "smart" digital cameras and mobile phones tend to stop and hang on bad sectors, thus blocking further access to the memory card. On the other hand, a "dumb" card reader just swallows the errors and moves on.
  3. A card reader is a universal device to work with memory cards. For example, if you decide to purchase a new mobile phone (or a digital camera), then, having a card reader, you do not have to replace a set of cables and install new drivers to connect your new device to the computer. A card reader is also useful when someone walks in with their own memory card.
  4. A card reader is easy to use, and as a rule its connection to the computer doesn't require any additional drivers.
  5. Card readers and their memory card connectors are less subjected to wear. If you often transfer data between your device and the computer without using a card reader then connectors on the device may fail quickly and that would require a potentially expensive repair.
  6. When connected to the computer directly, some devices (e.g. digital cameras) transfer data at the expense of their own battery. If battery is fully drained while you are transferring data, it may cause damage to your data.
Card reader

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