Accidentally deleted NAS volume – how to recover data

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a server that allows you to organize convenient storage of a large amount of information that is accessed over the network. Such devices usually use RAID technology to combine disks into one storage. RAID technology is also responsible for data redundancy.

However, like any other devices NAS storage devices are subject to various types of failures. A common cause of data loss on network storage is the human factor. Accidental deletion of a NAS volume is a common problem that results in the loss of important information. And it doesn’t matter what level of the array was used - if you accidentally deleted a volume, you can only recover the data by using a special data recovery software.

How to recover data from a deleted NAS volume?

  1. Remove all drives from the NAS and be sure to number them according to the bays in which they were located.
  2. Connect the drives from the NAS to your computer. It is recommended to connect drives directly to the motherboard via SATA. However, if there are not enough free ports, buy special USB-to-SATA adapters with power. Please note that it is allowed to connect some drives directly, and some through adapters.
  3. Download, install and run ReclaiMe File Recovery.
  4. Select a volume from the NAS and start scanning. For different NAS devices, the needed volume will be in different sections. Possible sections – Linux LVM or md RAID, or BTRFS.
  5. select XFS volume in ReclaiMe
  6. Wait until you receive a message indicating that “the Initial Scan is completed” and begin checking the recovered data. If pictures, PDFs, music, videos are displayed correctly in the Preview, then the recovery result is good.
  7. Check XFS recovery quality
  8. Buy an Ultimate license key and copy the recovered one to ANOTHER storage location. This could be another NAS or an external hard drive of the required size.

If you cannot determine which volume to scan on or the recovered data is not displayed correctly in the Preview, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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