How to recover FAT pendrive?

Flash drives often use the FAT32 file system. Bigger flash drives typically uses exFTA file system.

However, in terms of data recovery, these file systems differ little from each other. Therefore, the instructions below can be applied to both FAT32 and exFAT.

To recover data from a flash drive, you need to use a special data recovery software. Please take a look at our rating of FAT recovery programs to choose the best option. Below is the procedure for recovering data from a flash drive using the ReclaiMe software as an example.

  1. Connect your flash drive to the computer.
  2. Download, install and launch ReclaiMe.
  3. Select a flash drive and click Start .
  4. Wait for 3-5% of the scan and check the result.
  5. FAT pendrive recovery with ReclaiMe

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