Top 5 FAT recovery software

Often, users of flash drives are faced with data loss. This happens, as a rule, because the flash drive is constantly disconnected/connected, some data is constantly deleted and new data is written. Incorrect unplugging and plugging very often leads to a logical failure of the FAT file system, the so-called RAW problem. For more information about the RAW filesystem, read this page. For the review, we have downloaded and installed the 5 most popular FAT data recovery software in 2023.

  1. ReclaiMe File Recovery from
  2. UFS Explorer from
  3. iBeesoft from
  4. R-Studio from
  5. EaseUS from

As a sample, we used an 32 GB flash drive with 20995 files and 191 folders on which 26 files and 1 folder were deleted, and then zeroed some signatures in FAT boot sector.

Tool Scan time Folders Files Interface Price Support Refund policy
ReclaiMe Most of files within a minute 195 21039 Simple and user-friendly From 59 USD, life-time Chat and ticket system, within 24 hours 30 days unconditional
Ufs Explorer Most of files within a minute N/A N/A Confusing and not very user-friendly From 59 EUR No ticket system, email only within 48 hours1 14 days conditional
iBeesoft Most of files within a minute N/A 428752 Simple and user-friendly From 50 USD, subscription No ticket system, email only3 60 days conditional
R-Studio Most of files within a minute 194 20997 Looks outdated and not user-friendly From 50 USD (FAT), 60 USD (NTFS), life-time No ticket system, email only 24/74 No, more information
EaseUS Most of files within a minute N/A 217865 Generally pleasant, but sometimes confusing. There are pop-ups. Doesn't show full preview in trial From 70 USD, subscription Chat and email, within 24 hours5 Almost NO 6

1 - answered within and hour

2 - too many duplicates

3 - answered after 4 hours

4 - most likely total files rather than files found by headers

5 - answered after 20 hours

6 - stated "30 days" but with a bunch of conditions

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