How do you recover permanently deleted files?

The recovery result depends on several conditions: how long you have used the drive after the deletion, how many new files you wrote to the drive, how much free space left on the drive. Anyway, if you can't find the deleted file in the Recycle Bin or you deleted it using Shift + Delete combination, you can try to recover deleted files using special data recovery software like ReclaiMe. The first thing you should do is to stop using the device immediately and then follow the instructions below.

  1. Prepare a storage device where you will copy the recovered data to, say, a thumb drive, or an external drive.
  2. Download and run ReclaiMe.
  3. In the software window, identify the drive holding the deleted data and click Start.
  4. Wait till the end of scanning and check the files found.

You can use the Search function to find required files: type file/folder name or check Find all deleted.

You can find a more detailed tutorial at this page - How to recover deleted files.

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