Top 5 FAT recovery software

Even though the ReFS file system is resistant to all kinds of failures and can repair itself in the event of a breakdown, it is not uncommon for a user to be unable to access data stored on a ReFS volume due to some serious faults. In this case, the only way to get your data back is to use a special data recovery software. ReFS is a fairly new file system and, accordingly, its data storage specifics are not as well studied as, say, NTFS and therefore the choice of data recovery programs is quite limited. We have created a rating of 5 data recovery programs that will help you choose the best option for your case. You may also be interested in finding out more information about the specifics of the ReFS file system on the website - ReFS Data Recovery.

In our review we will test the following programs:

  1. ReclaiMe File Recovery from
  2. UFS Explorer from
  3. iBeesoft from
  4. R-Studio from
  5. Hetman from

We use a 60GB SSD drive from which we deleted 5 files as the device we are testing.

Tool Scan time Folders Files Interface Price Support Refund policy
ReclaiMe Most of files within a minute 65 20304 Simple and user-friendly From 59 USD, life-time Chat and ticket system, within 24 hours 30 days unconditional
Ufs Explorer Most of files within 15 minutes N/A 20282 Confusing and not very user-friendly From 59 EUR No ticket system, email only within 48 hours1 14 days conditional
iBeesoft Most of files within 15 minutes, but deleted files without filenames N/A 428752 Simple and user-friendly From 50 USD, subscription No ticket system, email only3 60 days conditional
R-Studio Most of files within a minute 65 20300 Looks outdated and not user-friendly From 50 USD (FAT), 60 USD (NTFS), life-time No ticket system, email only 24/74 No, more information
Hetman Most of files within a minute N/A N/A Generally pleasant, but sometimes confusing. 97 USD Technical support via email, phone or live chat 30 days, conditional

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