Word document recovery

Accidental deletion of a Word document, or Word document damage, or damage of a device on which an important Word document was stored, unfortunately, are not rare data lose scenarios that a user may deal with. If you have already searched the Recycle Bin for the lost Word document and done all the steps described on the official Microsoft website, then there is one more way to get back a lost Word document - using a special data recovery software like ReclaiMe File Recovery. Please note:the less you used the device on which the lost files were stored, the higher the chances of recovering them. As soon as you realize that you have lost important Word documents, immediately stop using the device, do not write new data to it, and do not format the device.

How to recover a Word document

  1. Connect the device on which the lost Word document was stored to a computer running Windows.
  2. Download, install and run ReclaiMe File Recovery.
  3. In the list of devices from ReclaiMe, select the device on which the lost Word document was stored and start scanning by clicking the Start button.
  4. Wait until you receive a message indicating that the Initial Scan is completed.
  5. Use the Search function to find the lost Word document among the recovered files.
  6. Searching for word file in ReclaiMe
  7. If the lost Word file is displayed correctly in the Preview window, you may not continue scanning, but copy the files to another device. If there is no a required file, continue scanning by clicking the Resume button.
  8. Word file preview
  9. Buy a license key and copy the recovered Word documents.

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