Video recovery

Many of us make video: from playing kitties to musical clips and movies. With the advent of social networks, video content is becoming more and more. People store video files on different storage devies, from USB flash drives, to phones, cloud storage, computers, hard drives, Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) etc. The video is stored in a file, and the file can get lost: accidental deletion, disk formatting, filesystem failures, mechanical damage of a data storage device.

ReclaiMe File Recovery software is designed both for professional photographers using expensive equipment and for home users with ordinary digital cameras.

If your storage device, be it a hard drive or USB thumb drive, is physically damaged you would better contact a computer service center for physical disk repair.

If the reason for the file loss is not mechanical but logical, then special video recovery software like ReclaiMe Data Recovery can help you recover video files.

Video recovery with ReclaiMe software

To recover a lost video file you need:

  1. First of all – stop using the device as soon as you find out video file loss.
  2. Prepare another storage device to save the recovered video files. Note: you can't save files to the device you recover data from.
  3. Connect the device from which you need to recover the video files to a PC. If video files are stored on a memory SD card, often you should use a special card reader for connection.
  4. Download, install, and run ReclaiMe Video Recovery software.
  5. Choose the device you need to recover video from and ReclaiMe Data Recovery will start scanning it immediately. Usually 5 % of the scan is enough to see the needed video files. When you'll see the video file you need, check the quality in the Preview window of the software. If it is good, purchase a license key and activate the software.
  6. Video recovery with ReclaiMe
  7. Save the recovered video files to another data storage device.

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