What is TRAID?

TRAID stands for TerraMaster RAID. It's a versatile disk array management tool created by TerraMaster. TRAID offers features like automatic disk space consolidation, protection against hard disk failures, and automatic capacity expansion. These features are configured by the system without any need for user intervention, adapting based on the properties of the hard drives. TRAID delivers an optimized, flexible, and adaptive disk array management solution, making it ideal for users who are not experienced in setting up disk arrays.

When you buy larger capacity hard drives, you often want to continue using our old drives, but traditional array modes can't accommodate this need. TerraMaster's TRAID array addresses this issue effectively. With TRAID's flexible management strategy, you can keep adding hard drives to your array to expand storage capacity, even if the drives have significantly different capacities.

For example, if you combine five hard drives with capacities of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, and 10TB to form a disk array with redundancy protection, a traditional RAID mode (RAID 5) would only provide 5TB of usable space. However, with TRAID's flexible strategy, you can achieve 23TB of usable space.

How TRAID Works

TerraMaster uses a Linux disk management tool to efficiently divide hard disk space of various capacities into smaller partitions. These partitions are then recombined using a redundancy strategy. Once a TRAID array is created, users can replace existing drives with larger ones or add new drives to expand the array's storage capacity as needed. In addition to providing redundancy protection, TRAID significantly enhances disk space utilization compared to traditional arrays. Furthermore, TRAID arrays are more efficient in capacity expansion than traditional arrays.

TRAID Recovery

Unfortunately, no one is immune from various breakdowns, and even the most reliable storage can fail. In addition, there may be some user errors that can lead to data becoming unavailable. In any case, you shouldn’t get upset right away, since there are quite high chances of recovering the data yourself, and without spending a large amount of money. To recover data from TRAID, you need to use a special data recovery software – ReclaiMe File Recovery.

How to recover data from TRAID using ReclaiMe

  1. Remove all drives from the TerraMaster and connect them to the computer either directly to the motherboard or using USB-to-SATA adapters.
  2. Download, install and run the ReclaiMe software.
  3. From the list of devices provided by ReclaiMe, select the TRAID volume.
  4. TRAID volume for recovery
  5. Start scanning either by clicking the Start button or by double-clicking on the volume.
  6. Wait until you receive a message indicating that the Initial Scan is complete. After that, check the recovered data using the Preview function.
  7. Purchase the Ultimate license key.
  8. Copy the recovered data to storage device prepared in advance. This can be an external drive(s) or another NAS.

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