Top 3 NAS Recovery Software

We downloaded and tested three most popular NAS data recovery tools. Testing was provided by an advanced user having skills to operate network devices. Below is the result of our testing: pros and cons of each software first and then a summary table with a brief description of the features.

ReclaiMe NAS Recovery

You can find mentions about the software on different NAS related forums. Also, the company developing ReclaiMe File Recovery Software has high ranking and positive feedbacks from real customers and users. The company has been in the data recovery market since 2010 and still adheres to a policy that is atypical for our time – lifetime license and free updates, also it has 30-day money back guarantee if the recovery result is bad. Of all the tested software ReclaiMe's interface is the simplest, no settings buttons, pop-up windows and the like. All you need – select the device, click Start and check the recovery result in the Preview window.

ReclaiMe works with all known NAS vendors: QNAP, Netgear, Buffalo, Synology, Thecus, Iomega, Western Digital, Seagate, Asustor. ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company also has a more professional tool - ReclaiMe Pro, which can recover data even from Drobo NAS devices.

Price: 199.95 USD, lifetime license

Ease-of-use: very simple

How to use ReclaiMe software?

  1. Pull the disks out of your NAS and connect them to a PC directly.
  2. Download and run ReclaiMe NAS Recovery software
  3. Choose the NAS volume you need to recover data from and click Start.
  4. Read BTRFS volume
  5. Wait till ReclaiMe starts showing files then check the recovery result in the Preview window.

You can find more information about NAS data recovery and video tutorial on this page.


It's a very popular data recovery software. However, it is not mentioned as often in NAS forums as, for example, ReclaiMe. Most likely it's because EaseUS was mainly designed to recover data from more simple devices, for example, memory cards, regular hard drives or pen drives. Although the Easus company has high ratings on Trustpilot site, there are still negative feedbacks which often say that the company has no refunds in case of unsuccessful recovery and uses automated subscription payments. Data recovery is not what you run into all the time and therefore do not need to use data recovery software often.

The main advantage of the software is that you don't have to pull disks out of a device. But this is also the main disadvantage – EaseUS can only work with "healthy" NAS devices, for example, it can restore an accidentally deleted file. In case if a NAS box or RAID configuration is damaged, the software will not help.

This software interface is clear and simple except for one terribly annoying thing - almost at every step a customer is suggested to buy a license key, you can't even watch a full preview of a file due to this.

How to use EaseUS software?

  1. Download and run EaseUS software.
  2. Connect to your NAS from the software window.
  3. Start scanning and check the recovery result.
  4. Easeus

Price: 149.5 Euro, lifetime license

Ease-of-use: simple but with annoying offer to buy

You can find more detailed user manual about NAS data recovery on this page.

Home NAS Recovery

Unlike ReclaiMe and Easeus which work with all data storage devices, Home NAS Recovery has been specially designed to recover data only from NASes. Besides, the software has an unusual pricing policy: the software price depends on how many drives were in your NAS. If you need to recover data from one disk it only costs 69 USD, and five disk device is for 219 USD. We found one more difference that is very meaningful for a user – you can't check the recovery result before purchasing a license. If something goes bad, the Home NAS Recovery company just issues a refund. The software is intuitive, no extra setup buttons.

How to use Home NAS Recovery software?

  1. Pull the disks out and connect them to a PC.
  2. Download and run the software.
  3. Mark all the NAS drives and click Start Analysis.
  4. If the software says that the data can be recovered, buy a license key, check the recovery result and save the files.
  5. Home NAS Recovery

Price: depends on the number of disks

Ease-of-use: simple

Parameter ReclaiMe Easeus Home NAS Recovery
Ease-of-use Easy Average Easy
File Preview Yes Partially No
Price 199.95 USD 149.5 Euro per-disk price
Classic NAS Yes Yes Yes
Advanced RAID Yes No No
BTRFS-based Yes No No
Broken NAS/RAID configurations Yes1 No Yes
Automatic missing disk detection Yes No Yes
Automatic hot spare detection Yes No Yes

1ReclaiMe can read slightly damaged NAS/RAID metadata and reassemble the NAS volume on-the-fly. In case of severe damage, use ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery first to recover the NAS config and then import the settings to ReclaiMe to recover files

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