Save and load the state of ReclaiMe

ReclaiMe File Recovery supports saving the state of the software so that you can easily resume the recovery from the point you created a saved state file at. At start, you can load the save state file via the Load button and ReclaiMe automatically delivers you to the point at which the save state was created. After that you can use ReclaiMe File Recovery as in a regular run -continue scanning or saving the data.

  • To create a saved state file, you need to pause the recovery and click the Save->Save state. A file with ".ReclaiMe" extension is created.
  • Save the state of ReclaiMe File Recovery
  • To load the saved state file, you need to load it at start via the Load->Load saved state.
  • Load the state of ReclaiMe File Recovery

You can easily estimate the size of the saved state file based on the rule – 200 MB per 1 million objects. To know the total number of objects found put the cursor on the root filesystem folder and look at the This folder.

Be aware that saving and loading the saved state files are possible only within the same version of ReclaiMe, that is you cannot load the save state created in the previous build to a new build.

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