How to recover data from TrueNAS

If your TrueNAS has failed and you need to recover data from the pool, follow the instructions below. Since TrueNAS uses ZFS as a disk space and filesystem driver, the recovery process involves ZFS recovery actions.

  1. First visit the ReclaiMe Pro website and download the latest build. The demo version allows to do the TrueNAS recovery in full except copying the recovered data.
  2. Get ReclaiMe Pro software for TrueNAS data recovery
  3. Once installed, launch ReclaiMe Pro.
  4. Next select the highlighted options for ZFS scanning. Since we use disk images in the recovery, we need to load them as well.
  5. Set ReclaiMe Pro for TrueNAS data recovery
  6. Click Proceed.
  7. If metadata records are ok or slightly damaged, you see your ZFS/TrueNAS volume in the list. Select it and click Start scan to launch filesystem scan.
  8. Select ZFS volume for TrueNAS data recovery
  9. ZFS file system will be automatically selected in the list of file systems. Just click OK and then Start.
  10. Preset ZFS filesystem in ReclaiMe Pro for TrueNAS recovery
  11. You can also enable automatic saving of state files. In case of any failure, you can load them at startup to resume the scan from the point where the save state file was made.
  12. Enable save state in RecaiMe Pro for TrueNAS recovery
  13. Wait till ReclaiMe Pro displays the message about the initial scan completion and then check the recovered files in preview. If the files are good, copy them.
  14. Check files in ReclaiMe Pro after TrueNAS recovery
  15. In case the files are corrupted or there is no ZFS/TrueNAS volume in the list after scanning the disks, try the deep ZFS recovery. Select all available disks from the ZFS pool and click the Find ZFS button.
  16. Select disks in ReclaiMe Pro for deep ZFS recovery to recover TrueNAS data
  17. In the pop-up window, click the No button, since the disks are from TrueNAS, not QNAP.
  18. No QNAP, just TrueNAS data recovery
  19. Wait till the end of the initial phase scan.
  20. Initial phase of deep scan for TrueNAS data recovery in ReclaiMe Pro
  21. Once the scan done, ReclaiMe Pro displays the reconstructed ZFS volume. Select it and start scanning the datasets.
  22. Reconstructed TrueNAS volume in ReclaiMe Pro
  23. Once opening data sets completed, select a dataset and start the file system scan.
  24. TrueNAS datasets (volumes) in ReclaiMe Pro
  25. Wait till the initial ZFS filesystem scan completed and check files in preview.
  26. Recovered data from TrueNAS after deep scan in ReclaiMe Pro

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