How do I recover my Btrfs file?

Btrfs is a Linux file system based on the B-trees structure. This file system was released by Oracle Corporation quite a long time ago - in 2007. However, this file system became widely used not so long ago, at a time when manufacturers of network devices began to build it into their devices. As of 2023, btrfs is widely used in devices from Synology and Asustor. Netgear was the first company which switched their NAS devices to the btrfs file system.

The btrfs file system has several features:

  • Copy-on-write.
  • Checksums on data and metadata.
  • Built-in compression.
  • Data scrubbing.

All these features are described in detail on the website - BTRFS Recovery.

If you have lost data that was stored on the btrfs file system, then you can recover it using a special software for btrfs recovery - ReclaiMe. To do this you need:

  1. Disconnect the drives from the NAS device and connect them directly to a computer running Windows.
  2. Download, install and run the ReclaiMe software.
  3. Let the software to scan the btrfs filesystem and check the result.

All these steps are described in detail on the page - How to recover data from btrfs filesystem.

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