How do I fix btrfs filesystem?

  1. To get a broken btrfs, we erased the selected line on the created 30GB image with BTRFS using ReclaiMe Disk Editor.
  2.  damaged btrfs
  3. Then, we booted into the Linux Mint virtual machine, and saw that this image was no longer recognized by the system.
  4.  Failed btrfs volume
  5. The first thing we did was enter the lsblk command, using which we can determine the disk name. Our disk is sdb. Then we tried to mount the disk manually using the mount command – unsuccessfully.
  6.  Mount command in Linux
  7. Then we tried to use the scrub command and this is what we got:
  8.  Scrub command in Linux
  9. The mount –o userbackuproot command also did not help.
  10. Mount –o userbackuproot command comand in Linux
  11. According to the manual, further steps may be dangerous for the data. The check command also did not work because it does not see BTRFS on the disk.
  12. Check command in Linux
  13. Then we ran btrfs rescue super-recover, but also it was unsuccessful.
  14. Super-recover command in Linux
  15. Thebtrfs rescue zero-log command also gave nothing.
  16. Zero-log command in Linux
  17. The btrfs rescue chunk-recover command and the attempt to mount were useless.
  18. Chunk recover command in Linux
  19. The btrfs restore command helped a little – our Good Files folder appeared in /mnt, with data from the disk, but the disk itself is still not accessible.
  20. Restore recover command in Linux Restored btrfs files Restored btrfs folder properties
  21. The next step, according to the manual, is the most dangerous - using btrfsck. The result of running this command: Cannot open filesystem.
  22. btrfsck command
  23. Using all these commands, we were still unable to revive the btrfs disk. In our test case, we were not afraid of messing up and completely losing the data. The safest way to get your data back is to use a special btrfs data recovery software . We received a completely original file and folder structure in a short time:
  24. ReclaiMe software - btrfs file preview

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