Does fsck work on btrfs?

The Linux fsck (File System Consistency Check) utility checks file systems for errors and other problems. The tool is used to correct potential errors and generate reports. The principle of operation of fsck is similar to chekdisk in Windows. This utility is included by default with Linux distributions. There are no special steps or installation procedure required to use fsck. To run fsck, you need to go to a Linux terminal and type in the following commands:

How to run fsck command on btrfs

Where dev/sdb is the path to the disk that needs to be checked. Please note that it is not recommended to use the fsck command if you do not have a backup, because often after using it, the destruction becomes even more widespread. If you don’t have a backup, but the data is important, the safest way to get it back is to use a special software that can recover data from btrfs. You can find detailed instructions on the page – How to recover data from btrfs.

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