How to format RAW disk to NTFS

In Windows, you need to use a built-in utility called Disk Management to work with disks: create, format, resize and delete partitions, assign drive letters, and the like.

  1. Open Disk Management: press Win+ R keys and enter diskmgmt.msc
  2. Launch Disk Management on a PC
  3. Find your RAW disk among the physical devices in Disk Management. Pay attention to the disk size and the type of filesystem which obviously should be RAW for your disk.
  4. Locate your RAW drive in Disk Management
  5. Right-mouse click on the RAW disk to get an additional menu and then click Format.
  6. Format your RAW drive to NTFS in Disk Management
  7. Leave the default settings or set yours. By default, it offers the NTFS filesystem.
  8. Accept warning about formatting a RAW drive to NTFS in Disk Management
  9. Click OK to accept the warning.
  10. Formatted RAW drive in Disk Management

Now the disk is successfully formatted and you can open it in Windows Explorer and start copying new data.

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