How to convert RAW to NTFS?

First, you need to decide why you need to convert RAW to NTFS? There are two different possibilities:

  1. You want Windows to read the data which previously was on the RAW disk.
  2. You want Windows to get access to the RAW drive so that you can use it to store new data.

If you are dealing with the first, you cannot convert RAW disk to NTFS disk in read-only mode and the only safe option you have is to try data recovery software, which can recover data from NTFS filesystem. Once the data is recovered, you can format the RAW disk to any filesystem you want (NTFS, FAT (for small disk), exFAT or ReFS you are dealing with Windows PC) and start copying new data to the drive (thus obviously overwriting the previous data layer). Please read how to extract data from the RAW drive and then format a RAW drive to NTFS.

If you just need to use the RAW drive as data storage for new data on Windows, you need to format it to any Windows filesystem: NTFS (the most popular), FAT (used for small disks like USB pen drives), exFAT (compatible with Linux and MacOS), ReFS (available in conjunction with Microsoft Storage Spaces). Refer here for the actions on formatting RAW drive to NTFS.

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