How do I recover deleted files from QNAP NAS?

If you accidentally deleted important data from your QNAP device, the first thing to do is check the Recycle Bin. If the data is not there, then there is no need to be upset; most likely you will be able to recover it using the special ReclaiMe File Recovery software.

Until 2023, the process of recovering deleted data from QNAP devices was complicated by the fact that it was necessary to remove the drives from the QNAP and connect them directly to the computer. In 2023, we developed an algorithm that allows ReclaiMe software to connect to QNAP via the SSH protocol.

Please note that with this recovery method, you should not expect high scanning speeds because the data is transferred over the network. Detailed instructions on how to recover accidentally deleted data from a QNAP device can be found on this page. If you have difficulties connecting to QNAP via the SSH protocol, then you need to try to recover deleted data using the method described on the page - How to recover files from QNAP.

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