How do I recover data from a QNAP NAS that fails?

If your QNAP device is broken, then first of all you need to find the documents and see if the device is still under warranty. If yes, then remove the disks and send the device to a service center. They will either repair it or provide you with a new one. Ideally, once you put the original drives into the new device, everything should work as before. However, you should be extremely careful, because it is not uncommon for a new QNAP to start configuring again and thereby reset the original configuration. Carefully read all messages issued by QNAP. It's best to make images of the original disks before inserting them into a new QNAP. If QNAP is no longer under warranty, then your only option to recover your data is to use ReclaiMe File Recovery. You need to remove the drives from the QNAP, number them according to the bays, connect all the drives to the computer either directly to the motherboard or using a USB-to-SATA adapter and run ReclaiMe software. Detailed instructions and videos can be found on the page - How to recover the data from QNAP.

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