How to recover data after unsuccessful "Scan and fix Removable Disk"

This type of error usually happens in Windows Vista or Windows 7. The typical scenario for such error is - you insert a removable data storage device (a memory card, thumb drive, or an external drive) as you usually do, but instead of the files, you get the following error message:

Scan and fix error

Typical reasons of the error

The most popular reason is the disconnection of the device from the computer without using the "Safely remove hardware" option. Unsafe removal can cause different errors on the external devices. The case described here is not so bad because you still can access the data. However, but there are some cases of so called RAW filesystem (link) when the operating system offers the only option - to format the drive. If you agree to format the device, the data stored on it will be lost.

One more reason of such an error is power cuts and surges. It may happen that the operating system is performing some background processes on the device, and at that time a power failure occurs, resulting in a file system failure.

How to fix the error "Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disk"

The operating system suggests two options:

  • Scan and fix (recommended)
  • Continue without scanning

If you choose the first recommended option, the operating system will most likely fix all the inconsistencies and you won't see this message anymore at least until another error happens. However, there are some cases when some part or even the whole volume of the user data is lost after such "scan and fix". That's why if the data stored on the removable device is important for you, you should copy it to a safe place before choosing the "Scan and fix" option.

If you stick to the second option, you will be able to access the data – to write new files to the device or read them. But the next time you will connect the device to the computer, you will most likely see the error message again.

There is a way to prevent the system from showing this message. To do this you need:

  1. Right-click My Computer.
  2. Choose Manage
  3. In the Computer Management window choose Services and Applications.
  4. Computer Management - Services and Applications
  5. Choose Services.
  6. Computer Management - Services
  7. Then look for Shell Hardware Detection.
  8. Computer Management - Shell Hardware Detection
  9. Double-click it.
  10. In the Properties window, stop the service. Choose Disabled startup type and then ОК.
  11. Computer Management - Shell Hardware Detection Properties

Once you complete the procedure, the message "Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disk" should stop to appear.

How to recover data after unsuccessful "Scan and fix Removable Disk"

  1. Download and set up data recovery software like ReclaiMe File Recovery.
  2. In the list of available devices choose the device in question and start the scan.
  3. Recovery of the Scan and fix error with ReclaiMe File Recovery
  4. Wait till the end of scanning and check the recovery quality using the preview function.
  5. Copy the recovered data.

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