QNAP Recovery

QNAP device combines the disks in a single storage using RAID technology. QNAP uses Linux md-raid driver to manage RAID array. If the md-raid records are damaged, an operating system cannot access a RAID volume any longer. From the user's perspective it looks like data loss.


  • your QNAP starts up OK and maybe you can even connect to its web control panel, but the RAID status is listed as failed, or there seems to be no data.
  • QNAP doesn't turn on at all and you cannot access the data stored on it.


You can easily and effectively recover data from a failed QNAP device using ReclaiMe File Recovery software which is capable of processing slightly damaged MD RAID structures for all RAID types used in QNAP devices.

QNAP data recovery tutorial

  1. Pull the disks out of the QNAP and connect them all to the computer running Windows. If possible, use SATA ports on the motherboard, although USB is acceptable as well.
  2. Download and launch ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  3. Select the desired volume and start the scan. Look for your volume under the Linux MD RAID volumes section. When started, ReclaiMe File Recovery automatically looks for MD-RAID records so it is important to let the software finish the Looking for Linux MD volumes stage. Then, look for the QNAP volume under the Linux MD RAID volumes section and select the largest one.
    ReclaiMe reading QNAP volumes
  4. Preview the recovered data and then save the needed files and folders.

If you do not see the appropriate volumes in ReclaiMe File Recovery, most likely MD RAID records are significantly damaged. First you need to recover configuration of the RAID used in your QNAP and only thereafter start to recover data.

QNAP troubleshooting

There are cases when with a bit of troubleshooting you can access data. However, consider contacting QNAP support before trying manual troubleshooting because sometimes they can help you troubleshoot the case for free. We cannot say that QNAP support can fix any failure, but you should make an attempt, anyway it is free and spoils nothing. At worst you leave with what you had before and can proceed with some other troubleshooting options.

QNAP turns on but its behavior is strange

If your QNAP is out of warranty and behaves strangely when turning on like:

  • turns on and hangs during startup,
  • does not beep after the power is on,
  • does not turn on at all,

then, likely, you deal with Power Supply Unit (PSU) failure. The best solution in this case is to take the device to a local repair shop to check the PSU. Most likely after a technician replaces the PSU, the device will work again. However, some QNAP devices use non-standard PSU and you may need to buy original QNAP replacement or repair the one you already have.

All the steps on video

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