How to identify a drive in ReclaiMe device list

If multiple storage devices are attached to your computer, you need to identify the one you want to recover data from.

  1. If the drive you need to recover has a drive letter associated with it, look for this drive letter in Logical drives or in USB devices. This works for RAW filesystem as well.
  2. If you have an USB device (an USB external drive, an USB pen drive, a digital camera, or a memory card in a card reader connected via USB), look for it in USB devices. If you have multiple storage devices connected via USB, disconnect the unnecessary ones.
  3. If you have an internal hard drive that is not partitioned, look for it under Physical devices. Look for the drive with the size most closely matching the one you need. The sizes do not always match exactly because of decimal vs. binary gigabyte conversion.
  4. All the partitions, logical dynamic volumes, RAID arrays, which have no drive letter associated with them are listed under Unmounted volumes.
  5. All the Apple Mac OS X drives are also listed under Unmounted volumes.

Once you have identified your drive in the list, double click it to start recovery.

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