General-purpose Data Recovery Program

ReclaiMe File Recovery is a universal data recovery program for various storage devices such as:

  • hard drives – rotational and SSD, desktop and laptop, ultrabook and notebook, internal and external,
  • flash memory of digital cameras, cell phones, tablets, MP3s,
  • USB flash drives,
  • complex devices such as RAIDs and NASes.

ReclaiMe data recovery program copes with most typical cases of data loss, be it:

  • accidental deletion of files and folders,
  • formatting a wrong device,
  • photo loss on a camera memory card,
  • NAS device failure.
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ReclaiMe File Recovery knows all widespread filesystems (Windows, MacOS, or Linux based devices), so no matter which one was used on your device, our data recovery program is able to find the lost data. Many data loss cases, and one elegant solution – ReclaiMe File Recovery.

ReclaiMe data recovery program is designed bearing home users in mind, that's why there is no settings button at all – just select the device for recovery and click the Start button. Fast and smart data recovery algorithm just in a few minutes brings the recovered data. You can easily estimatethe the quality of the recovered data using the preview feature of ReclaiMe File Recovery.

Still in doubt? Check our testimonials and awards page.

Specialized data recovery programs

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery

This free RAID recovery program comes in handy when a RAID (software or hardware) or NAS device failed so that the array metadata has been severely damaged and requires the recovery. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery works with:

  • RAID0/RAID10,
  • RAID5,
  • RAID6,
  • Exotic layouts like RAID1E or RAID5E.

In case of slightly damaged metadata use ReclaiMe File Recovery first because it can handle such cases quite well. More information you can find on the RAID recovery site.

ReclaiMe Pro

A professional data recovery tool designed especially for forensic and data recovery specialists. ReclaiMe Pro is a highly configurable data recovery program which is equiped with:

  • built-in disk editor module,
  • partition recovery capability,
  • RAID recovery capability,
  • smart disk imager engine.

ReclaiMe Pro will be useful for those involved in data recovery on a professional level. For more information visit our professional data recovery site.

ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery

The tool is designed specially to recover configuration of broken Microsoft Storage Spaces pools. At the moment, this is the only Storage Spaces recovery software. For more information refer to the Storage Spaces recovery site.