NTFS recovery

NTFS is perhaps the most common desktop filesystem not only among Windows filesystems, but in general. Although Microsoft has already released a new filesystem – ReFS - designed to replace NTFS, there is no doubt that NTFS will remain the most used desktop filesystem in the world for a long time.

There are several situations when you need to do NTFS recovery:

  • you have accidentally deleted some files,
  • you have accidentally formatted an NTFS volume,
  • some filesystem failure has occurred, e.g. NTFS volume turned to RAW, and you cannot access the data stored on the NTFS volume any longer.

Before you start to panic and run to the nearest data recovery service you can try to recover the data yourself using special data software. Most likely you have high chances to recover data successfully. NTFS is old and well-studied filesystem; more than that, it is designed well from the recovery point of view, almost as if designers took data recovery into account from the very start. However, it is very important to stop using storage device once you realize that you need to recover data. This is because the original data can be overwritten. Furthermore, due to the same reason never install data recovery software on the device from which you are going to recover data.

Additionally to a regular NTFS volume, ReclaiMe can recover data from a deduplication-enabled NTFS volume.

How to recover NTFS data using software

  1. Download, install, and run ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  2. Select the device you need to recover data from in the device list of ReclaiMe.
  3. Double click the drive in the device list to start recovery.
  4. The files are displayed as soon as they are discovered. In most cases you do not have to wait before the scan completes. Usually, you need to wait till 3-4% of the scan.
  5. NTFS data recovery
  6. If you need a specific file or folder use the Search feature of ReclaiMe.
  7. Click the Save button and start copying data if you are satisfied with the result.
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